Show people how much better it can feel to have a buddy on a late night walk home.


  • Accessibility


  • 2021


  • Video Production


Getting home is safer for some people than others. With that comes fear and insecurities. WalkSafe is a free service that gives people a buddy to walk home with. This way, people can feel safer and more confident if they have to get home late from class or the library. WalkSafe approached us to make a video that could advertise their services and express their value to potential beneficiaries.


We needed to capture the feeling of getting home safe and sound. We didn’t want to just show a scary walk—that seemed like it would be ineffective and a bit on the nose.

Capture the feeling of getting home safe and sound.


We spoke a lot about the kinship and community that many people build around walks home. “Text me when you get home safe” is a common refrain. So we decided to show that side of the walk. We focused on a friend who hadn’t heard from her friend in a while. She is clearly quite anxious about that fact. Once she opens the door, though, her friend is happy and ok—she’s walked home with WalkSafe. This reveal captured the feeling well.