My Media tells stories for people who move the world forward.

We work with nonprofits, social enterprises, community organizations, and activist groups to tell compelling stories.

We know that great stories make real change.

We want to help you stand out, advocate, disrupt, and grow. None of this happens by sticking to the status quo. Our job is creative innovation. Our tools are video, design, and strategy. Our purpose is you.

We're all about coming up with great ideas.


We start by learning. Our creative process is rooted in research and discussion — so we can make something that is true to you. We’ll start by getting to know your org.


Community is the engine of our creativity. We’ll bring the project to our team of creatives, and think through a bunch of ideas. This collaborative approach unlocks innovate creativity.


We execute with precision. Once we’ve pitched you an idea that you love, our passionate team of videographers, designers, and marketers will bring it to life (with your input).

We want you to be heard.

We want to work with you. Check out our work to learn more. If you're interested, just reach out! We'd love to get a discussion started.

Check out our portfolio. Get in touch with us.

Meet the team that makes it happen.


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