Inspiring the next generation of social innovators.


  • Social Innovation
  • Education


  • 2020


  • Video Production


UpstartEd works in classrooms across Canada, preparing young folks to be the next generation of social innovators. They approached us to make a video to sum their flagship program. The video would be used to market the programs, and be the first thing that young people saw when they joined the Youth Explore experience.


Tell a great story, and make the core concepts of design thinking + social innovation accessible to the young people watching the video. Do this all while getting young people excited to embark on an educational journey with UpstartEd. On top of that, the video needed to work as a means of attracting funders and partners to UpstartEd—sharing their value and impact with relevant stakeholders.

Inspire youth + partners alike to dive deep with UpstartEd.


We decided to focus on the theme of collaborative creation through the story of a paper airplane. We showed the plane travelling through Montreal, getting a little love and amelioration from young people with different interests/approaches. This story got at core themes for UpstartEd: collaboration, the importance of diversity in creation, and the value of building things that help people.