Welcoming folks with chronic pain & illness into a supportive community.


  • Health and Wellness


  • 2021


  • Visual Branding


The Thrive Collective is a community for people living with chronic illness and chronic pain. They approached us to develop a brand that reflected their renewed commitment to providing robust programs and resources —while evoking a warmth that would make their community feel comfortable bringing their whole selves. They believe that, with mutual support, people with chronic pain and illness can thrive. We built a brand that reflected that belief.


The core challenge was figuring out how to represent the idea of thriving in community as opposed to focusing on medical imagery that might immediately evoke the idea of illness and pain. And, like many nonprofits, they wanted to strike that perfect balance between professional and warm: demonstrating their commitment to program delivery and community development.

Express the idea of a “thriving” community and avoid medical imagery.


We engaged with people who live with a chronic illness or chronic pain—trying to understand the emotional journey that they go through. We thought a lot about metaphors that reflected this emotional journey—and iterated with those living with a chronic illness/chronic pain to land on something resonant.