Story Planet

Expressing the wonder of a child’s imagination.


  • Education


  • 2021


  • Video Production


StoryPlanet works to improve literacy rates among young children and empower youth with a core set of skills: imagination and storytelling. They approached us to interview several young program participants about their experiences with StoryPlanet, and the power of imagination that they’ve gained since participating.


The challenge was asking young kids to share their positive experiences, and articulate the impact of the programs on them. As many know, kids under the age of ten can be a bit camera-shy and have difficult articulating self-reflections. We wanted to pull together something cohesive and compelling that was entirely led by the voices of the young children hat StoryPlanet works with.

Help children under ten tell a cohesive, self-reflective, story about their experiences.


StoryPlanet had already done a lot of the work for us: these were some of the most articulate and thoughtful elementary-school age kids we’d ever met. We also made sure to go to a place they were comfortable with (a playground), and spend some time getting comfortable with them. Once we knew that we were in a safe space and there was trust between us and the kids—we turned our cameras on. The results are magical.