Bringing the joy of music into every classroom.


  • Arts & Culture


  • 2020


  • Video Production


The School of Music Montreal (SoMM) approached us to make a promotional video that would share the great work they’ve done, and attract new volunteer music teachers for their programs. We decided to spend a day with volunteers and kids in the classroom—capturing the magic of music, and how it can really help people grow.


The challenge was capturing the true joy that we saw emanating from the teachers and students alike as they dug into the love of music together. We were really hoping that this emotion would show up on video, and that audiences could feel like they were genuinely in the room—learning and laughing.

Make sure the joy of learning music showed up on video.


The approach was simple: sit with the kids and teachers for a couple hours. Act like flies on the wall, capturing the little moments that make up the growth and development of an interest (and a person). The outcome spoke for itself: a beautifully shot video, set to the tune of Heart and Soul, and filled to the brim with the joy of music and learning.