Getting students to fund a new vision for the economy... with donuts


  • Social Innovation


  • 2021


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Video
  • Graphic Design


SEIZE (The Socialist Economy Incubator Zone) came to us because they needed a video for their fee-levy campaign. They needed a simple, entertaining, way for people to understand and get behind a complicated subject: the collective economy”. Why? Because they didn’t just need to convince the haters to get on their side—they needed to mobilize a significant percentage of the student population to meet quorum. Our approach? A world-saving donut shop.


The collective economy is a diverse, complex, movement. We wanted to capture it in a simple story that would not only educate people—but actually get them to support SEIZE’s efforts.

Explain the collective economy in a way that gets people activated.


A donut shop. Specifically, a collective-led donut shop that saved the world by getting rid of climate change, employing everyone, and solving the world’s social ills. We used the donut shop as a means of explaining the benefits (and impact) of the collective economy. We thought it was an interesting, provocative, and funny way to pack a ton of complex information into a 90-second video.


We imagined the script and visual style as an homage to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Wes Anderson. Once we had those approved by the team, we connected to a local donut shop and filmed for a day. With that footage we built out four videos.

Flagship Video

The flagship video told the whole story. 90-seconds that captured all of the reasons to support SEIZE and their mission to create a collective-led economy.

Short Videos

We broke the video up into three shorter pieces that could be used as follow up collateral during the campaign. They each served a different purpose and focused on a different piece of messaging.


The campaign was a success! The team turned out 4000+ young people in support of funding their incubator. It was one of the highest turnouts of students in years—and enabled SEIZE to have a long term, recurring, funding stream.