Répit-Ressource - A Moment in Life

A moment in the life of a Répit-Ressource employee.


  • Accessibility


  • 2022


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Ad Design
  • Video


Répit-Ressource is a social economy organization that provides home and cleaning services to people facing accessibility barriers. There is always demand for the work they do—meaning that they have to attract hundreds of staff from across Montreal. They approached us about running a campaign that would attract new candidates by showcasing the flexibility that their work offers.


How do we create a great job ad that’s about not working? We wanted to highlight the fact that Répit-Ressource’s flexibility and control over one’s hours gave people the opportunity to live their fullest life. And, ultimately, it was a question of how we tell a story about freedom, control, and energy within a couple 30-second ads.

Create a great job ad about not working.


We decided to focus on the timestamp. We built the campaign around the idea of different moments within a Répit-Ressource employee’s day—that culminate in the moment that they have to go to work. The idea of the timestamp was meant introduce an interesting narrative + visual motif—while also hammering home the idea that Répit-Ressource really respects your time and the control that you want to have over it. From there, we interviewed several employees—to make sure that we were telling unique stories that were true to the experience of working at Répit-Ressource.


From there, we created a series of three stories that threaded through the video + the image ads. The stories were based directly on the interviews we had undertaken. We brought the story of a single mother, a caregiver, and a young student to life. We made these characters the star of three 30-second spots and several placements ads.

Campaign Strategy

We developed a vision for how to bring the stories of Répit’s employees to life in a way that would attract their ideal employee/candidate personas.


We developed three videos for initial sharing with target candidates—that would raise the brand’s profile and resonate with the audience’s experience.

Ad Placements

We developed several visual placement ads for re-targeting of candidates once they had seen the videos. These were explicit articulations of the benefit of working for Répit-Ressource.