Répit-Ressource - A Work From the Heart

Attracting passionate people for jobs that require real care.


  • Accessibility


  • 2021


  • Video Production


Répit-Ressource has a very specific need: they need people who can truly care for others in their work. They need people who are passionate, patient, and kind to every client that they work with. They approached us to represent that care—and make a video campaign that would attract those (particularly empathetic) type of people.


The challenge was: how do you represent care for clients? It’s not as simple as good benefits and pay. We had to make sure that this intangible feeling towards people and work showed up on screen in a 90-second video. We also had to make it so explicit that people would pick up on the values within the first couple seconds of the video.

Attract employees that truly care about people and their work.


We did something a little out of the box: we got an illustrator to draw three employees’ favourite clients. Then we asked those employees to wear the portrait over their heart as they spoke about the client, and the things that they love about their work.

Out of it, we got some beautiful sentiments and stories about Répit-Ressource’s clients, employees, and values. It was all tied together with one phrase:
“Répit-Ressource. Work you keep close to your heart”.
“Répit-Ressource. Un travaille qui vient du coeur.”