Building Canada’s largest platform to empower youth in sustainability and social impact.


  • Sustainability


  • 2022


  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development


Re_Generation had an ambitious vision: a website that could be a home for all students and young professional in Canada that wanted to commit their student lives and early careers to sustainability and social impact. They had 100s of pages of resources, data, and stories to get onto the website. We built a website that was beautiful, expansive, and resilient to change.


How do we fit hundreds of pages of thinking, interviews, and storytelling onto one website. More importantly, how do we make it resilient to the inevitable changes and uploading that would come with a platforms of this scale.

Build a huge platform that is resilient to change and many hands.


We started by writing copy that could encase the core information that would come from the think tank and that would change. We used our copywriting as a “frame” for the broader informational project. Then, we built a website that was clearly structured and modular. From there, we loaded it onto a WordPress website and trained the team to use it.