Milton Parc’s Citizen Committee

Bringing a community (and it’s landmarks) to life on screen.


  • Anti-Poverty


  • 2020


  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Web Development


The Milton Parc Citizen’s Committee approached us to create a new website that really brought the community and its local landmarks to life. They wanted it to feel like a digital home for residents—that could be updated consistently and house explanations of the various local projects that the organization was undertaking. We built a beautiful illustrated version of the Milton-Parc neighbourhood that filled the website with the local character that emanates from the Montreal neighbourhood.


The challenge was creating something that truly felt unique and a reflection of local organizing. We didn’t want it to feel too professional or slick. It needed to evoke the beautiful, down-to-earth, vibe that the Milton-Parc neighbourhood itself projects. At the same time, it needed to be highly usable for all constituents.

Create something highly usable that was true to the neighbourhood’s unique vibe.


Our approach was to bring the community to life through illustration. We walked around the. neighbourhood, identifying various landmarks and images that would be beautiful to bring to life on the website. Out of those landmarks we built an illustrated world that would be familiar to any Milton-Parc resident. Then, we loaded the website onto WordPress for edit-ability and gave the whole Milton Parc Citizen’s Committee team a training session on how to use the programs.