From broken hearts, to breaking bread.


  • Anti-Poverty


  • 2021


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Design
  • Video


The MADA Community Center, an anti-poverty organization based in Montreal, approached us to develop a visual brand, marketing, and videos for their annual Gala. The goal was to develop a unique style that would attract interest from high profile donors—all while being focused on the theme of the Gala: bread.


The MADA Team was pretty set on a theme: bread. Of course, we needed to develop a line of messaging and a visual style that would speak to the high-profile nature of an event like this. The goal was to bring together leaders from across the community to support MADA in a major way. So our challenge was to do all of that—while building the messaging around the core theme: bread.

Create messaging and a visual style that would interest high profile donors.


We worked through a couple ideas—but eventually came to the core idea: From Broken Hearts, To Breaking Bread. The story was clear: people had been isolated and hungry for the last year. COVID had kept people out of work and in their homes. MADA’s goal in the coming year was to bring people together. To, once again, break bread with the community they love. We ran with this theme of community, family, and hope throughout the rest of the project.


We threaded this messaging through several videos, placement ads, social posts, and pieces of individual collateral for the fundraising team to use.


We developed core messaging points and several pieces of collateral for the MADA team— so that they could leverage this theme to raise money for the organization.


We made a video invitation that captured stories from the MADA community + the core messaging that we had laid out.


From this messaging, we built out several advertisements and social media posts that highlighted the stories of volunteers, recipients, and donors in the MADA community.