Lafiya Nigeria

Family planning in rural Nigeria..


  • Health


  • 2022


  • Video Production


Lafiya Nigeria provides family-planning support to communities in rural Nigeria. In collaboration with local caregivers, they deploy an effective and under-utilized form of contraception that meets the unique needs of their target community. Ahead of a major public launch and fundraising push, they approached us to create a video that would tell their story and highlight their solution.


How do you capture the unique nature of this approach in a way that will immediately speak to funders? There are many people on the ground in places like Nigeria attempting to provide healthcare support, so what makes Lafiya’s approach necessary?

Explain why Lafiya’s approach is necessary in an overcrowded ecosystem.


The idea of creating a Vox-style explainer video immediately sprung to mind. The format has a history of capturing and keeping people’s attention, while capturing very complex concepts. It also works to blend human stories with rich data—which was crucial for Lafiya.


With guidance from the Lafiya team, we created an explainer video that would treat the situation with the necessary empathy and intellectual rigour—while speaking to funders about the unique approach Lafiya was bringing to the table.


Inspired by Vox, our explainer video blended on the ground photos, collage, and animation to bring Lafiya’s work in the field to life.