Selling sustainable fashion to the buy-new generation.


  • Sustainable Business


  • 2021


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design


Koop is a clothing resale marketplace that wants to make re-selling simple and reliable for the every day consumer. A lot of people aren’t connected to the culture of re-selling and sustainable fashion. Koop’s job is to bring those folks into the circular economy. They approached us to help them develop a visual and written brand for their marketing growth initiatives.


How do we make an eco-friendly brand that leaves all of the “holier than-thou” tendencies of sustainability and fashion culture behind? How do we make something that a re-sale marketplace can grow into—speaking across generations and product categories?

Make an eco-friendly brand that leaves “holier-than-thou” sustainability culture behind.


We benchmarked other major re-sale market places and fashion brands that were speaking to the broad audience that we wanted to connect to. From there, we looked at sustainability oriented brands and content creators to discover a visual (and written) approach that would break down barriers to sustainability for our customers while getting them excited about taking part in an important movement.