Kitchen 24

Uplifting the community that came together to feed the hungry.


  • Food Security


  • 2020


  • Video Production


At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic’s first wave, people from across Toronto came together to support Kitchen 24. Before the pandemic, it was an incubator for new food startups. Once the virus hit, though, it became a community committed to feeding the hungry—churning thousands of meals a day out of their state of the art facilities. We wanted to create a video that captured the project and their impact.


Tell a story that would get people out of their homes to volunteer at the peak of the pandemic’s first wave. Kitchen 24 was a popup organization without established volunteer lists and supporters. We needed a video that would mobilize a whole new group of people— quickly.

Mobilize a whole new team of volunteers at the peak of COVID’s first wave.


The approach was simple: capture their work and their words. Get on the ground to show how meaningful K24’s commitment to nourishing meals was and how safe their process was. The organization had formed around an inspiring leader named Steve. We centred him as the narrator of the video—and showed the various experiences of K24s volunteers alongside that.