Ethical Coach / WILD

Illustrating the impact of coaching on women in the development sector.


  • Civic Engagement
  • Social Innovation


  • 2022


  • Graphic Design


The WILD Network is a movement of women in the development sector that are championing more inclusive and strong leadership. In partnership with EthicalCoach, the WILD Network provided many of their leaders with professional leadership coaching for a couple months. We were approached to develop a report on how coaching was making an impact on these leaders’ ability to make change.


The impact of leadership coaching on people and on the communities they serve is complex and hard to measure. Our job was to weave together survey responses, qualitative data, and an ROI calculation that EthicalCoach had developed—into a clear story about the value of coaching in the social sector.

Illustrate the value that coaching has for people and the communities they serve.


For us, the story was quite clear: when we empower leaders to be the best versions of themselves, we empower them to make a bigger impact in their communities. We showed how coaching had helped these leaders strengthen team dynamics, raise more money for their organizations, and become more confident in their abilities to make change.