Divest McGill

Holding McGill to account for their investments in fossil fuels.


  • Environment


  • 2019


  • Video Production


Divest McGill approached us to make a video that punctuated the lack of action and accountability that McGill University had taken with regards to its fossil fuel investments. On the heels of a multi-million dollar rebrand—we decided to parody this brand campaign to create something resonant (and viral).


Capturing the energy and interest of a student body who had come to expect very little from McGill—and the activism that was so often lobbied against it.

Capture the energy and interest of a disillusioned student body.


We did a parody of their famous “Made by McGill” campaign—called Paid by McGill. Within 24 hours of its release it had 50,000+ views on Facebook and was going viral within the community.


The video was made with the help of students who are passionate about a climate action.