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Helping young people find their purpose in the climate movement.


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  • 2022


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In 2021, our team saw a statistic from Force of Nature: 74% of young people don’t know how to contribute to climate action. We thought that needed to change. We brainstormed ideas until coming up with one: what if we built a Myers-Briggs for the climate movement and tied in a set of documentaries to inspire youth? Take the quiz:


How do we undertake something this ambitious, effectively? We approached the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship with a proposal—and they eventually agreed to fund the creation of a platform for young people and a campaign to get that platform out there.

Inspire youth to put their talents to work in the climate movement.


We decided that the platform needed a few things. Firstly, it needed to be fun and interesting. We worked for a while to create a quiz that engaged people, and effectively captured their personalities. Secondly, they needed to be connected to a way forward. So, we built tailored resource-packages, showed people documentaries about amazing activists, and provided them a clear call to action—all based on their quiz result.


Over six months, we consulted with 70+ climate leaders, collected 75+ resources, built an online platform from scratch, and produced four short documentaries about inspiring Canadian climate activists. In the end, 2000+ people took the quiz within a month and the documentaries have had an important impact on multiple campaigns being led by the activists we featured.

The Platform

We wanted to build something fun and unique. We worked to build a quiz over a few months, tried to write summaries that were rooted in real empathy, and employed a collage style to reference the history of movement-building that we wanted to help people fit themselves into.


We travelled across the east coast, interviewing four brilliant climate activists. We covered Land Back initiatives, nature-based solutions to climate change, the social economy, and the importance of building deep connections with the earth.