Chai Lifeline

Community support for families facing childhood illness.


  • Health


  • 2022


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Video
  • Graphic Design


Chai Lifeline Canada provides support for families facing childhood illness. They approached us about running an awareness campaign for families in Montreal—with the goal of ensuring that as many people in the local community knew about their free services as possible.


How do we target such a particular audience in a way that actually connects, as opposed to being overly depressing or unrealistically optimistic?

Find a balance between optimism and honesty.


We decided to let experiences with childhood illness inform our approach. We interviewed people and laid out a narrative that would speak to the unique, but shared, struggles of parents whose children were face to face with childhood illness.


In order to diversify our ad spend, we made videos and static placements for sharing across Google, YouTube, and Facebook. We bolstered that with a search campaign that would feed us data for retargeting.


We made short video ads that were targeted to different audiences based on their content.

Static Ads

We made a litany of static advertisements that pulled on the core themes of the videos, and were designed for retargeting.