Community Climate Council

Local action for a more habitable planet.


  • Environment


  • 2023


  • Copywriting
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design


The Community Climate Council (CCC) supports local climate and environmental action in Ontario—with a focus on mobilizing and educating young people for a more habitable planet. They approached us about refining their existing brand and building a website that would speak to their important work.


The goal was to create a website that would engage volunteers from all age-groups despite the youth-led nature of the organization.

Mobilize volunteers across the age spectrum for climate action.


We started by refining the brand that the CCC already had in place—adding some colours and fleshing out the visual style with typography and imagery. From there, we built a simple website that spoke to potential volunteers.


The website featured many on the ground photos from climate action strikes that the CCC has run before, and is littered with CTAs that will drive volunteers to the organization.


We built a simple, clean, website that would drive new volunteers to the organization.