We want to help you develop creative skills through experiential learning.

A program where, no matter your skill level, you'll have the opportunity to work with real nonprofits, make a real impact, and learn real creative skills.

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We give you the brief.

We start by briefing you on the organizations you’re going to work with. Whether it’s a community-based soup kitchen or a policy advocacy group—these are orgs doing great things and they need your help.

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We provide support.

It doesn’t matter what level of skill you are, we’ll give you the tools to get started. We’ll connect you to an experienced creative that can mentor you. We’ll create spaces for you to get feedback, ask questions, and improve. We’re here to guide you through this process.

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You work with a real non-profit.

You’ll meet with a non-profit doing real and impactful work in their community. They’ll tell you their goals, mission, and vision. After that, it’s your job to learn while creating something for them (with our support).

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Just fill out the form below or reach out to us at education@mymediacreative.org.

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