Our Work

This is the work we’ve done and the stories we’ve told – this is how we’ve made change.

SSMU Eating Disorder Resource and Support Centre

Divest McGill – Paid by McGill

A parody of McGill University’s “Made By McGill Anthem video” produced in collaboration with Divest McGill and released alongside their new website. Since 2012, their organization has been campaigning for McGill University to divest from the fossil fuel industry. Accumulating over 22,000 views in less than 24 hours, “Paid by McGill” demonstrates the impact that rests at the intersection of art and activism.

Third Culture Apparel – At Twilight

Third Culture Apparel – In Red

Launch Video

Black Students’ Network – White Hallways

Made for McGill’s Black Students’ Network (BSN), the video harnesses Cora Lee Conway’s poem “White Hallways” to outline important issues of diversity on campus. The message was summed up by BSN: “It is important that we take places and spaces on this campus, as we too have every right to it. We must support one another and mark the path for those who come after us.”

Symbiosyn – Hope for Cameroon

A video made for Symbiosyn and Nourish McGill’s “Hope for Cameroon Project,” these local NGOs aimed to raise $10,000 to provide sustainable humanitarian aid and relief to displaced persons in Cameroon. The video uses footage from on the ground to paint a detailed picture of what is going on and why people need help.