Our Team

This is our welcoming and inspiring community. These are the people you could learn with, create with, and lead with.


Tristan is the Executive Director at My Media, helping the team get access to the tools, funds, and ideas that drive the organization forward. He’s passionate about film, music, people, and education.


Tony is the Creative Director at My Media—he makes sure everything looks pretty. He also puts his video production skills to use as one of our Campaigns Directors. He’s a big fan of horror films, Carly Rae Jepsen, and em dashes.


Sofia is one of the Campaigns Directors at My Media. She works directly with groups to help brainstorm, film, and edit videos. Sofia enjoys running up Mont Royal, trying to learn Adobe Suite, and curating Spotify playlists.


Astrid is one of the Campaign Directors at My Media, she matches contributors to new projects and assists with campaigns. She likes farmers markets, baking bread, and taking down the patriarchy.


Ella is one of the Campaign Directors at My Media. She works directly with clients to help out with the design elements of campaigns. She loves cooking, playing the cello, and all kinds of design.


Bea is the Community Director of My Media, contributing her activism/organizing experience to help facilitate workshops and foster connections with the community. She is a human rights activist and enjoys painting and making music.


Andrés is a Director of Recruitment at My Media. He engages with clients and builds the creative team for My Media. He loves cooking, exploring Montreal, and his bike.


Nikhita is a Director of Events at My Media. She works to plan workshops, festivals, and any other kind of event for My Media. She likes cooking, eating, and buying more plants than she has space for.


Mako is the Director of Events at My Media. He works with external organizations to set up workshops, parties, and festivals. His main interests are in neuroscience and social activism, but what he loves most are people.


Liam is the Director of Technology at My Media, designing the organization’s website, and lending expertise in the technical aspects of modern activism. He loves hip hop, Lord of the Rings, and math.


Naya is the director of Social Media at My Media. She runs the social media accounts for My Media and engages with users online. She loves food, film, and culture.


Justin fills the role of Director of Finance at My Media. Outside of class, you’ll catch him playing basketball, doing photography, or hanging out with friends.